Firestone.jpgRyan Burton - Laural BMW of Westmont "Ellis towing has been the fastest, most dependable company we've used. Every customer wonders...'What just happened?' It's not what people expect from a towing company. The difference is the quality of service, the clean and courteous staff and better customer service than any other towing company they have ever used."


Chris Shultz - Merlins Muffler and Brake - Aurora "Ellis towing is the the best towing company in town. They take excellent care of our customers, don't over charge and they are ultra prompt. Their professionalism is just outstanding."Shawn Sobczak - Midas of Naperville "They are reliable, they have been in the business for a while and really care about customers... excellent company and excellent customer service. Ellis is simply the best."

Joe - Firestone - Aurora
"I can't say enough about how I trust them to take care of my customers. They are an extension of the Staff_Truck.jpgquality service we provide and I know that I can depend on Ellis Towing to treat my customers, with respect and offer them the level of quality service that make my customers happy."

Rick Allen - Sears Auto - Aurora
"The difference is that Ellis is dependable, quick and they takes excellent care of the cars and our customers."